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Pros of autumn: I can wear dark makeup and clothes without people considering me “goth”. What the hell. I’m not goth for shit. That’s like an insult to people who actually are goth.
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    @betweenunseen said: what percentage wolf is he?

    On paper, Jude is “35% wolf”, but a more correct means of describing his wolfiness is in terms of content. There are different tiers of content for wolfdogs, and they go as follows:

    Low/no: These are animals which *may* have some wolf ancestry, but which display so few wolf traits that they aren’t exactly considered wolfdogs. Here’s a perfect example of a low/no-content wolfdog for you: 


    The animal above has some traits that are shared with wolves (such as the fully-furred tail and blended coat coloration), but these traits are also common in certain breeds of domestic dog, and do not automatically mean that the pup in question must be “part wolf”. Low/no animals are essentially “dogs with a few overlapping traits that may or may not be resulted from wolf heritage” and it’s typically best to describe such animals as non-wolfdogs. 

    Low content: Low content wolfdogs share a few wolfy characteristics with their wild ancestors, but still look “mostly dog”. They may have a few biological traits of a wolf, and will often show certain behavioral aspects of a wild canine, too - things like high prey drive, severe separation anxiety, skittishness when encountering new people and new places, resource guarding, etc. The average dog-owner is likely not prepared to deal with a low-content animal, but experienced individuals can provide happy homes for wolfdogs of this content with proper education. 

    Here is a prime example of a beautiful low-content wolfdog: image

    Note that this pup has a very pointed muzzle, an arrow-shaped skull, pronounced cheek ruffs, narrow chest, lanky limbs, and a fully-furred tail. These are traits that can easily be attributed to wolf genetics, but the pup nevertheless has many dog traits, too: Tall pointed ears, large rounded eyes, slightly drooping jowls, etc. This animal has a wolfy look to it, but is still more dog than wolf. 

    Mid content: The mid-content range is broken down into three sub-categories - low mid, solid mid, and upper mid. Low mids will have fewer wolf traits than a solid mid (who will typically have equal wolf/dog traits), which will in turn have fewer wolf traits than an upper mid. Here are some animals that fit into these categories: 

    Low mid: image

    Solid mid: image

    Upper mid: image

    Ironically (if memory serves me correctly), all four of the wolfdogs from low to upper-mid content are actually related. Slate, the upper mid-content wolfdog, is the mother of the low and low-mid pups, as well as a distant relative of the solid mid. She also my low-content wolfdog’s aunt. 

    If you look closely, you will note that all of the animals from low mid to upper mid look increasingly more and more ‘wolf-like’ in their physical appearance. Biologically and behaviorally, they are more wolf-like, too. It’s probably most apparent in the form of their skulls: The low-mid has a much boxier-looking muzzle than either of the other two higher-content pups; while the solid-mid has a more pronounced stop than the upper-mid (he also has a more robust body structure). 

    Finally, there are the coveted high-content wolfdogs. These animals are more wolf than dog, and will absolutely look the part. In many cases, it’s nearly impossible to tell a high-content wolfdog from a pure wild wolf. 

    High content wolfdog: image

    Pure wolf: image

    I personally call Jude a low-content, but others have said he is a low-mid. His siblings also phenotype as lows and low mids. 

    For more information on content vs. percentage, please view THIS POST here. 

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2 skeletons trick or treating in their skin costumes 
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